Next Button Issue (Storyline 360)

Hello! I have created a project in Storyline 360 where I am running into issues with the next button. I have a trigger to enable the next button when all of the buttons on the slide are visited which works ok upon first visit of the slide. However, when I go to either the next or previous slide and then return to review the slide, the next button does not enable. I've tried adjusting the player menu settings as well as the "when revisiting" settings to no avail. I've had this issue before and my work around has been to create a next or continue button on the slide but I'd rather not do that on this project if possible. Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated. I attached the part of the project where I am encountering this issue. 

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David Schwartz

Hi Susan,

Got it working. I added a T/F variable on that slide, Clickscomplete, which changes the state of the Next button to normal if it is true. On each layer, there is a new trigger that tests the state of all of the 6 buttons on the base layer, and if they are all visited, sets Clickscomplete to true. 

I added two triggers on the base layer to set s3_4_numclicks and s3_4_currentclick to 0 on start of timeline, so that on revisit, everything works as the first time through.

Since you are forcing the user to view the layers in order, I added a trigger to layer 6 to change the state of the Next button to normal.

Because the Clickscomplete variable is set to true after visiting layer 6, the Next button will be on when users return to that slide. I set the slide to return to its initial state so that the user still has to revisit the steps in order if they choose to view them again.


Susan Rice

Thank you so much David! Works exactly how I need it to. The only thing is that I can't seem to recreate the new trigger on the slide layers to test the states of the 6 buttons. I see the trigger you added but when I look at  the details I do not see the buttons in the list that were selected. I only see the items that are on that particular layer which is why I can't seem to recreate it. Am I missing something somewhere? Please see attached screenshot. Thank you.

Mike DiFonzo


I've been trying to come up with a solution to this Next issue for awhile. I've used the show Next when the states of all buttons are all Visited/Complete. I've used variables and a combination of both. Creating a trigger to Hide or Disable the Next at timeline start has caused me much headaches.

I just incorporated a suggestion that someone made on my other post and I think that seems to work best for me. I restricted the Player Menu Options > Navigation Restrictions > Restricted (select restrict Next / Previous buttons). This will disable it for the first visit only.

Next will be faded out until the base timeline completes. So, if using multiple layers, pause the base timeline and restart it on final layer. Another option I've used is to resume the timeline after the states of all buttons are Visited. This will make Next "active." When revisiting, it will still be active.

I usually change the Slide Property when revisiting to Resume saved state so that the buttons are all still on Visited and not reset. I do this so the timeline doesn't pause again upon revisit.

Susan Rice

Thanks David. I ended up doing just that for another slide that was formatted the same but with more buttons. I created the trigger on the base layer and the copy/pasted on the slide layers and then removed it from the base layer. Seems to work okay and I am hoping not to run into any issues through the testing process. If you find a different way, other than what maybe Mark suggested, that may be better and to avoid any potential playback problems that would be awesome. Thanks for your help!

Thank you to as well Mike for your suggestion. I will give your suggestion a shot as also to see how it works out. 

David Schwartz

OK, see what you think now. I took a very simplified approach, given that the user has to progress in order. So I stopped using the existing variables, and just use the new one on the last layer to indicate that the user has viewed all.

Seems to be working fine, but you may have other uses for those variables that I was not clear about.

(Very strange that earlier  I was able to copy that other trigger to the layers, and it seemed to work without the layers having direct access to the states of the buttons on the base layer. )

Nicole Duclos

I want my next button to initially be disabled and then enabled once 3 buttons are visited. When the user returns to the slide I want the next button to be enabled. I do not want to "resume saved state" because I want the user to see the base layer again upon return.

Ashlee Rainwater's solution on this page works to do just that! Be sure to add the new T/F trigger above the trigger that enables next button when the 3 buttons are visited.

Lauren Connelly

Have you tried adding the objects to the trigger "Change State of Next Button to Disabled when the Timeline Starts"?

I've explained the steps in this short tutorial, and also linked the Story file below! I hope this is helpful if someone comes across a similar situation.