Next Button - Jump to next slide in a layer

I have a slide with several layers - all working fine - I need to make the Next button send the user to the next slide (or slide of my choice) in the last layer. I have set it more than once but no luck.


I have changed the behavior of the next button inthe base slide to show the layers based on the status of some check boxes.

Any ideas?

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Michael  Rice

I was not very clear

Linearly, I set up a set of layers to progress through a topic. I made it possible for them to use the built in Next button to do this.  I would like to leave them with the information on the last layer before they move on to the nect topic on a different slide. I would like to have them use the next button to do this as well.

Heres the issue:

The next button does not work in the last layer. I have set the player trigger but no response. It does not seem to recognize that the last layer has the player trigger to Jump to the next slide when the user clicks the Next button.


Michael  Rice

Yes, and that is how it was. However, I was able to eliminate over 150 slide from a PPTX presentation by creating these layers that compare student choices with the desired response. So, functionally, I would like to have a way to make the next button move me to the next slide after the studen vies the last layer.