Next button linking to wrong slide

May 01, 2015

Probably something simple I'm doing wrong here but this is driving me crazy.  Slide 1.1 goes to 2.1, not 1.2 when I click on Next. I've tried disconnecting the links and scenes and reconnecting them. I've tried resetting the menu. I can't see anything about slide 1.1 that would cause this.

If anyone has a minute to look I'd appreciate it.

Here's a published version:

And I've attached the .story file.

I'm using Storyline 1.8.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jack!

I can see slide 1.2 flash in your output before progressing to the next scene. 

I took a look at your project file, and you have Slide 1.1 set to go to next slide, then Slide 1.2 is set to Jump to Scene 2 when the timeline starts, which is why it's jumping. Perhaps you meant to go to scene 2 when the timeline ends :)

Hope that helps.

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