Next button momentarily enabled as slide loads

Hi Crew!

Testing our course on a tablet has shown up a problem - Most slides disable the next button on timeline start - to ensure the user does/reads whatever.

As the slides change, the button is activated - when our tester used a tablet they missed slides and sections by repeat clicking the next button for example. 

Is there a way to disable next sooner? Or a better way to make sure a slide is seen for 3s / until a condition is filled/ for example? 

Thanks for any suggestions, 


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Phil Mayor

I have seen this before not sure there is an easy fix.

I would try adding a variable (perhaps called lock (T/F) that is set to false on timeline start and then use cue point on master set to 3 seconds to set to true, unlock the next button based on the variable and ensure that variable has to be true via condition to continue.

I built a quick and dirty example here, everything is on a master layout, you could have more than one layout for timeline based or interaction.