Next Button Movement

Is it possible to prevent the next button that is in the storyline player to be active until all objects on the screen have been visited or clicked etc.. I can do it by adding a button and then using  variables and visited states, thanks for the info there invaluable. It would just look better if it was the actual next button?

Thanks for any help


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Annie Jean

I was able to add the condition to the built-in "next" button without any problem and it works just fine.

The only problem with this procedure, is that you need to add a text bos appearing when all the steps are not completed because the "next" button cannot be disabled (so it shows as it always do).

Trying to do a simple example in the next few minutes to post.


Mary Ward

I added the 'Seekbar' to the player.  That way my learners would know when the slide was completes.  The next button is still there, but learners know from the 'seekbar' when the timing is complete.

May not work for everyone, but if you are only concerned learners might select Next prior to timeline complete, this may help.