Next button not allowing learner to progress to next slide when all markers have been viewed

Hello I would be grateful for some help with the following - I have created a base layer with a picture and 4 markers.  I have created 4 layers which correlate with each numbered marker which shows the learner more detailed information once they have clicked on the relevant marker.  I have added a trigger to stop the learner pressing the next button before viewing all the markers and have also added a trigger to show the base layer slide when they hit the previous button so that they can progress to the next numbered marker.  The problem i'm experiencing is that the next button is not allowing the learner to progress to the next slide when all markers have been viewed.  Can anyone tell me where I've gone wrong please.  Thank you.

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Cary Glenn

Hi Julie,

If you can attach the .story file rather than the published content it works better for the community to help you. You can create a separate project with just the slide in question to protect any info that you don't want share.  Yesterday I created this project it might help you figure out how to solve your issue.

Julie Wilson

You have indeed got it working for me you genius :-) Thank you so much for your help it's much appreciated.  I've only been using storyline for a couple of weeks so it's all a learning curve for me.  E-learning Heros is fantastic for knowledge building - people are so helpful.