Next button not always appearing when you go back to a slide

We are in the process of updating our courses. As such, I have the Next button set to Hidden at the start of the timeline, until certain conditions are met, as shown below.

On several slides, my reviewer is saying "Completed slide and then hit Prev to go back and review. After re-completing slide, Next did not appear. Re-did it, ensuring the audio bar continued even after the Red X was available, and it still happened again.​"

The following slide all have this issue, according to my reviewer: Driver Safety Program, Road Hazards, 12 Life Savers 1-6, Pre Drive Inspection and Allowable Practice.

Here is the SCORM Cloud link:  

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melissa,

We've seen a few recent reports of this, and that the next button doesn't return to the "normal" state when using the slide properties of "resume saved state" and having set it based on a particular condition. Some of the mentioned workarounds in other threads were to modify the state of the next button based on a variable that would track this as the second visit to the slide. Similarly setting the next button to hidden a second or two after the start of the timeline worked for another user. So you may want to investigate those options to see if any work for you and match the set up you need.

In the meantime, I have reported this to our QA team and they're investigating. I'll include this thread in the report filed with them and will share any additional information here with you once it's available. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Wendy for looking through this one and helping Melissa - as she mentioned there is a known issue with the next button states when initially set to disable or hidden, but it looks like the set up to use the variable method worked once the trigger order and placement was set correctly. 

As for the location of the audio triggers, they need to be on the layers as that is where the audio is located vs. on the base slide. 

Melissa Morrison

Ashley and Wendy, when I published this to test, I went to slide 9, and the hit the previous button, completed slide 8 again, but the next button did not show. You will see I moved the variables to the correct layers, as Wendy showed me.

I have attached the zipped file I published for the Web and the updated Storyline file.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melissa - 

Sorry for the delay - I haven't been able to get back to this till just now, I'm downloading your latest file to take a look. Since it's a workaround I understand it may not work for any and all situations but since it seemed to work for Wendy when she modified your file I'll look at comparing the two. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Well of course Wendy, as a fellow nomad now I'm curious where you're headed! Safe flight.
It took me taking a quick walk to see what I did on the previous files vs. yours Melissa - but once I saw it, smacked me in the face. The variable I was adjusted was associated with changing the state of the next button to hidden at the start of the timeline if (in your case) "Slide28Complete" is equal to False. Since on the revisit to the slide it's not following the normal state automatically but the variable is tracking is still held, so the next button wont' adjust to Hidden again but keep it's initial state of "normal".

I stripped your file down to a few slides (just for testing it quicker) and took off the read only seekbar - but take a look at this update and the slide triggers shown here:


Wendy Farmer

Glad you're all sorted Melissa - another tip is using a number variable for slide visits...

create a number variable default 0

Create trigger to add one to the variable when timeline starts (goes to 1)

Create trigger to change state of next button to hidden when timeline starts on condition number variable =1

Of course you could take other conditions into account - this is just a quick sample of another way.