Next button not appearing on rare occasions

Hi Folks, 

I have a slide that the user needs to open 5 documents on before the next button will appear.  The first trigger changes the state of the next button to Hidden when the timeline starts.  I have then set up a variable called ShowNext that is set at zero initially and is incremented by 1 each time a document is opened.  I then have another variable ShowNextTF that is initiated as false and change to true when ShowNext reaches 5.  I hope you are still with me.  My final trigger is to change the state of the Next button to Normal when ShowNextTF changes.

Ok all works fine, I have tested it in a number of browsers and different LMS environments all works as it should.  I then set up a pilot program with a small group of people from different locations and all with different PCs (about 60 people in total) in most cases the functionality works fine, however, I have two users where the Next button simply does not appear.  I have checked operating systems and versions of Chrome all are the same, I am thinking it could be a browser setting or something on the individuals PC as it works almost everywhere else.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this it would be appreciated.

Many thanks 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dean,

Thanks for detailing your course set-up! I can appreciate that it's frustrating when only a few learners are running into an issue, especially when you're unable to replicate the behavior yourself.

Next time you hear a report about this, see if the learner can advance by closing the course and reopening it. Perhaps going back through all five articles a second time will trigger the next button to change to Normal.