Next button not changing based on variables. What am I doing wrong?

I have tried changing the Next button from disabled to Normal many different ways (primarily based on states).  I've tried changing the order of my triggers, too.  

Does it have something to do with how I set the next button to disable upon timeline start - since every page jumps back to this page?

How do I fix this?

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Chad Keller

Hey Teri,

I've made changes to your file and it works now.

Since you are returning to the slide you want to make sure that you are checking the value of the variable on timeline start so you know when to set the state of the next button.

Also, since the next button state is Normal by default you only need one trigger that sets it to disabled, and apply a condition to it. (If CompletedSection == False)  Once CompletedSection is set to True the disabled trigger will be ignored and the next button will act normal.