Next button not getting visible

Aug 31, 2016

Hello everyone. I am facing the similar issue. I have tried both the methods to make next button visible. I have created a panel of images, each image is clinked to different slide. Each slide comes back to panel of image page. I want panel of image page to display next button and a small success message after all the linked pages are visited. I have tried using the image state by setting them to visited and giving the trigger of Next button to visible after all images are visited. The next button appears for fraction of second when I click the last image but When I come back to panel page it just won't appear. 


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Joanne Chen

Hi Mansi, did you set your trigger to change state of next button when all the states of images are visited? If yes, you should set your trigger to change state of next button when timeline starts this slide on the conditions of all the images states are equal to visited. If that doesn't fix your problem, you may need to share your .story file so that some one can look into your file and give you a better advise.

Crystal Horn

Hey Mansi!  Joanne gave you some good advice.  I sort of work in reverse:  I use a trigger to change the state of the Next button to hidden when the timeline starts if the state of button 1 isn't visited, OR if the state of button 2 isn't visited, etc.  So everytime the learner is redirected to that image panel slide, that trigger to hide the next button will fire, UNLESS all of those buttons are visited.

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