NEXT button not showing up when you use PREV

May 16, 2017

I have a scene where the NEXT button is not showing up when you use the PREV button, but my other scenes work fine. The triggers are all set up the same way and the same order in all the scenes, so this is very confusing to me.

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Leslie McKerchie

Well Melissa, I took a look at your file and so far Scenes 1, 4, and 5 - but I'm not seeing where the Next button is showing up when hitting Prev to go back to a slide.

That being said, the behavior you are describing is expected. 

You have the Next button set to hidden when the timeline starts and the slides are set to Reset to Initial State when re-visiting.

If you wish for this to be handled differently, you would need to implement a condition on the trigger to hide the next button (so that it's not hidden if the slide has been visited) and change the re-visit properties to Automatically Decide.

Here is a brief demo course of the Next button/conditions.

Melissa Morrison

The problem we are seeing is the Next button not displaying at all when you go back to a slide you have been to. So even you have completed a slide, the Next button does not display. Since the slides are set to Reset to Initial State, once the slide has been completed, again, the Next button should appear, but it does not. This is only happening in select places, like our Exposures section.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional information Melissa and for directing me to the problematic scene.

I took a look and could see the behavior you were reporting.

The slides in that scene were set to 'Resume Saved State', which is why the Next button would not re-appear.

The example story I shared above demonstrates how you could set this up if you wish. Variables hold values across slides, unlike states or waiting until media completes like you have now.

I changed the slide property from Resume Saved State to Automatically Decide and it works when the slide completes as you have listed in the triggers. 

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