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Nancy Woinoski

Hey Wendy - is this true! Are you talking about locked Nav? It does not make sense to tie the next button to the timeline - Users should be able to click Next at any time to advance.

I am having issues with the previous button being unresponsive on the first couple of clicks in some instances.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Nancy

I'm sure that is what I read about the next button and timeline in SL2 so I have always made sure that my timeline length is short unless objects are triggering interactions that the user has to complete before moving on.

Re your Prev button issue...I have been editing some .story files for a client and also couldn't work out why I had to press in a specific place on the Prev/Next (these were custom buttons) to progress and it was an arrow image they had overlaid over the top of the buttons that almost covered the entire Prev/Next button images except for a small corner...


Julie Stelter

Hi Denise, Please check to see if your navigation is restricted or free. If it is restricted, the next button is not active until the timeline ends. You can find this setting in the player by clicking on the gear icon. Cheers, Julie

p.s. Wendy, You are the one that told me about the changed navigation logic in SL2. From your advice, when I have to use the restricted menu, I change the frame.xml so that the restricted in SL2 works like the restricted navigation in SL1.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

The next button won't advance to the next slide until the end of the timeline has been reached if you're using Locked or Restricted navigation. This was a change from the behavior of SL1 where the player navigation method and the slide next/prev buttons operated independently. 

If the previous button is not working at all, that sounds like something that we'd need to see and take a look at. 

Denise  Granger

Thanks everyone!  I have shortened my timelines per slide to 1 second each so that the user can advance to the next slide.  I have it set to restricted because I want them to go thru all the slides on their required compliance courses.   Thanks everyone!  I thought I was going crazy for just a day!  :)  Have a great week :)

Benjamin Walsh

We incorporate audio into our courses, which generates about a 30-45 second time line.

We need to use "restricted" in our menu settings to prevent a student from jumping around in a module, but I would still like them to have the freedom (like they did in Storyline 1) to skip ahead even though the timeline is not finished. What can we do for a student, who reads faster than our audio, if she or he wants to skip though slides? 

Basically, I would like to un-tether the "next" button to the timeline. Is that possible? And if not, could it be changed in the next Storyline 2 Update? 

Michael Ashcroft


Sorry to bring up an old thread but for some reason a specific slide within my content will not let the user proceed to the next slide even when the TL reaches the end.

Users are allowed to drag it but should only be able to hit next button once the timeline has reached the end.

The trigger for the next button is still active.

FYI - the slide uses 2 layers. not sure if this would be contributing to the problem

Any ideas?




Wendy Farmer

Hi Michael

I can see what's happening but not sure why. I created a new file and imported the first four slides in. Then i copied the content from slide 1.3 layer onto the base, and the content from the base onto a layer. I set triggers to play the layer when timeline starts, then hide the layer when timeline ends and play the rest of the content. It appears to work fine now when clicking on the Next button.

Hope this workaround helps in the short term - you may want to submit a support case with Articulate.  I have seen this issue posted before but haven't seen the solution.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I was playing around in your file too - and had shortened the layer timeline to match the audio I thought was playing through all that layer and then set it to hide the slide layer when the timeline finished. That allowed me to advance - so similar to what Wendy suggested with switching the base and layer elements.  

It seems that the function of the next button is getting caught up in the slide layer (based on setting to hide all the items in the base layer and that the layer remains visible). I haven't seen this before though, so I'm going to open a case on your behalf to get some more eyes on the behavior.

Keep an eye out for an email from Support! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Suzi,

This thread is a bit dated, but I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with your previous and next buttons.

It sounds like it's not an issue you are dealing with right now, but if you get back to building a similar project and run into issues again, be sure to reach out so that we can take a look and help you out :)