Next button not working smoothly

I have created a question bank. Then i did draw from bank and did all the changes required.
So my final output has a Instruction slide as the first slide then draw from bank and then there is a result slide. once i publish its running also but to go from the instruction slide to the question bank i have to press "NEXT" 3-4 times.
This can confuse the user. Please help.

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vivek sinha

Hi Wendy, Hope you are doing good.

I have a new query for you.

I have been asked to avoid the result slide as we don't want the user to know the results then and there as it we want to use this just for promotion this for the first time. Instead of the result slide, Is it possible not to show the result slide to the user but still capture the result?

Instead of the result slide can we have a slide with some general message like "Thanks for taking up the test. You will get to know your results soon." At the same time the result has to be captured as well.

Please help.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vivek

You can just put a shape over the result slide, put your thankyou text on it, remove the success and fail layers and triggers. The results will still get submitted when the timeline of the result slide starts, the learner doesn't have to click on anything to make that happen.

Hope that makes sense

vivek sinha

Hi Wendy,

I have created my first E learning Module using Storyline 2. Though i have got it reviewed with my seniors i think if i can get a feedback from you it would be really helpful. I was not sure of starting this as a new discussion so i am checking with you. Since its my first complete e learning module i was looking for a feedback from an expert.

Please let me know if its okay with you and if its okay to upload one entire module.

Wendy Farmer

Sure Vivek but I would start a new discussion either in the storyline forum or in the building better courses forum.  

Title it Looking for feedback on first eLearning module and I'm sure a number of people will respond. I will get to it in a few hours when I finish work.

best to upload the published file