Next-button on base slide isn't updated after viewing lightbox slides

Hi everybody,

I would like some ideas on how to solve the following issue. On the below slide are some icons. When the timeline starts, the next-button is disabled. The user has to click on all items before he can advance, and the next-button is set to normal.

Screenshot before clicking the icons

When an icon is clicked, a lightbox slide opens:

Screenshot of a lightbox slide

When the lightbox is closed, the icon shows a checkbox via a different state ('Visited').  I created a unique variable for each icon, which starts as False, and is set to True when the icon is clicked.

When all icons are visited, the next-button should become clickable, with state Normal. However, this isn't working, because the base layer doesn't get updated. The next-button remains Disabled:

Screenshot all icons visited but button still disabled

It is only when I go back to another slide, and revisit this slide, that the next-button  changes to it's Normal state.

I need lightbox slides instead of layers to be shown when an icon is clicked, because I have layers inside those lightbox slides. And layers within layers don't exist.


Any ideas how to solve this, and make sure the base layer gets refreshed so the next-button is updated to its normal state? Thanks in advance!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara

in these cases where I use layers and lightboxes and disable the Next button on timeline start I use offstage objects for the trigger.

So I would create an offstage object (any shape) for each of the items you need to click on.  The object will have a normal and visited state. 

As each item is clicked add a trigger to change the state of offstage object 1 to visited.

Then set trigger

Change of next button to normal when state of all offstage objects are visited.

Here is a quick example.

Sara Swier

Woohoo that works like a charm, thanks Wendy! Also for your incredibly fast reply!

I don't really know why it only works for offstage objects - I tried this method by setting the next-button to normal on the conditions that all icons had the state Visited. But that gave the same result as earlier, the next-button only got updated to Normal when I first went to another slide and then revisited the slide.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara

glad it works for you. I think it has something to do with the inbuilt visited state programming - by that I mean when you click on an object the state changes automatically to visited, whereas with my offstage objects I am triggering them to change to visited state - not sure why it works but it's pretty reliable and I use it all the time especially if I want something to happen with hover states.

Erik Vinke

Hi Sara

A little late perhaps, but users might end up in this thread with a google search.

I solved this by adding a hotspot on the base layer, at the exact same spot as the close button (x) on the lightbox slide. 

I then added a trigger on the hotspot "do something" when mouse hovers over, and added some conditions to it.

When you click the close button on the lightbox slide, the lightbox is closed and the mouse automatically hovers over the hotspot. If the conditions are met,  then the trigger is activated.

Hope this helps !