'next' button on slide with layers

Jul 09, 2014


I would like to know how to use only one 'next/previous' button on a screen that uses layers. Is it possible to navigate between the different layers (next/previous) on the same screen and also to navigate to the next/previous slide using the same button ? I have tried and it doesn't work ...

I would appreciate your nice comments. I must have made a mistake with the triggers.

Thank you.


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Etienne du Jardin

Hi Rebecca,

I have tested the solution you proposed to me.

I have a basic slide + 1 layer. This before trying the solution on other slides with more layers.

The problem is that the layer just appears on the screen for a second then disappears. I can see it then the next slides is coming automatically. I have check all I could but I don't find the result.

I have no ideas what goes wrong ...

Would you accept me to send you the piece of file in order to check it ?

Kind regards.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Etienne,

I've attached the updated story. The changes I made:

On the "Lan Connectie..." Layer, added a trigger to set the LAYERCOUNT variable = 2

On the Base (Lan) Layer, modified the Jump to Slide 3.3 Wifi to jump on condition that LAYERCOUNT is greater than or equal to 2 when the user clicks the next button.

I think it's doing what you want. Please shout out with any questions.

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