'next' button only appears after a slide has been viewed.

Jun 06, 2012

I might be shooting for the moon here, but it just occured to me that it woud be handy if a person doing a training module could only see the 'next' buton once they had already viewed the content.

To put that in context - I don't want the learner to progress/skip over content using the next button. I want them to be stuck listening to, and viewing the content as I intended. However should they need to come back and view the content over (perhaps they failed the quiz and want to check a key point) I would like the next button to be there to help them skip to the point they need to listen to/view over.

Any ideas?? My only one is to have 2 versions of the module (in the one module), One without a next button and one with the next button and a variable saying if they have viewed the non-next version then show them the version that has a next button instead. Of course that would double the size of the module and that is far from ideal.


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James Brandwood

Hi ShivaniIf you have set a trigger to show the next button/layer if a variable or media is true/completed you may also need to set a trigger to either hide the layer to hide it when the timeline starts or have the variable rest at the stat of the slide.The order of these triggers will matter as Storyline will action them in order.I hope this helps. If you can upload a few slides or,if like me, and you have privacy issues with your work. Make a new project of a few slides that have the same trigger set up.

Laura Landriault

I followed the steps in this video to disable the built in next button until the user had completed a particular task for a given slide (watch the entire 30 seconds in one slide, click both button in another. etc).  I also used the steps shown to add a warning on each slide that the user could not proceed until the task had been complete.  It all worked perfectly ... until it did not ... and stopped showing the warning.  All of the same triggers/variables were there ... just did not work anymore. 

I've read that I may have to set a trigger to reset the variable on each slide or possibly something on the master slide.  Is there a video or set of instructions that pulls all of these instructions into a coherent whole?  My file is behaving very strangely.  I really need to understand why before I continue to create more training (e.g. should never do x before why in articulate because it creates gremlins).


Michael Ty

I'm trying to figure out the best way to require the user to complete all interactions ONLY on the first time through (not when the user revisits the slide). I have 4 images that when clicked each open an overlayed layer. When all four have been clicked (when the state of all 4 images is Visited), the Next button will then function. I have "When revisiting" set to "Resume saved state" and when I go back to a completed slide the 4 layers are still showing as intended, but the Next button does not work.

I could place a trigger on every slide following one of these interaction slides that changes a variable to "previous slide visited", or something like that, but that doesn't seem like a very clean solution.

What am I missing here? I know there's an easier solution but reading through this thread I'm not seeing it.


Michael Ty

Hey Leslie,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately, I have to work on Storyline 1, because that is the company issued version that I am stuck with, so I don't think I can view this .story file. It definitely limits my ability to view the story files that people post.

If there is a quick tip that you could give me, or some indication of what your solution was I would greatly appreciate it. I can't be that far off from having this work correctly.

Thanks again

Michael Ty

Oops. I actually just assumed that it was in Storyline 2 because most story files posted here are. I was able to open it and look at what you did. One difference is that you are using a custom Next button. Because this is a project with over 100 slides the client wants to stick with the default Next button for consistency. The way that yu set it up works great, but unfortunately I can't use it. I like the way you set the button to Hidden to start.

Do you think this could be accomplished using the default Next button? I have the Next button only working when the states of the four buttons are "Visited", and a layer popping up if the user clicks Next before clicking all 4 buttons.  It appears that the 4 buttons are all at Visited, because the layers are visible, but clicking on the Next button only brings up the "Must click all four buttons first" layer.



Wessel van Heerden

Thanks. Where can I upload. It is the first time I am asking for help. Please forgive, English is not my first language. I want to restrict the learner to carry on before they did not clicked on all the buttons. I did exactly as the video indicated but it do not want to work on my slides. Can you help please. I have a deadline to finish this work for tomorrow morning. Kind regards. My file is 25meg. Where can I upload it to.

Wessel van Heerden

Wendy Farmer

Hi Wessel, if you are happy to upload it to the forum where everybody can see it, you can use the 'Add Attachment' button at the bottom of the post.  I am not Articulate staff just someone trying to help you.

If you need to share it privately with Articulate you could upload here and someone could help you.

Wessel van Heerden

Hi guys. I had a deadline and created a work around for my project, but now I still need to use the "disable next function..." with another project. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I did exactly as the video showed and mine is not working. I did post the two clips I am working on. I will appreciate if somebody can help because I will need this function a lot in the future. Kind regards.

Walt Hamilton

This trigger is what you are "doing wrong".

The "When " portion of the trigger tells what action the trigger should watch for, so it knows when to fire.
"When State is ..." is not an action, and therefore does not work to initiate a trigger. This is not your fault; it is an error on the part of Storyline's programmers. It should not have been included in the trigger wizard in the "When ... " dropdown, even though sometimes it does work. Those rare times are highly dependent on timing and a great deal of luck. Who wants their interaction to work "If I get lucky?"
The problem is that people use it thinking that it means "When state changes", but it is not programmed that way, so it cannot consistently work in the "When" portion.
It is, however very reliable when used where it belongs, and that is in the conditions portion of triggers.

In your case, I would set NEXT to hidden when the timeline starts. I would use the MustClick variable if the user jumps to other slides.

Since your users are jumping to layers, I would put this trigger on each of the pictures that shows a layer: Change state of NEXT to Normal when user clicks if the state of ... etc.


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