Next button options

I have 80+ courses in English and Spanish. I'm using the Next button in the Player and restricting it until the timeline is finished. Managers would like to be able to click to the next slide without waiting for the timeline to end. How can this be accomplished?  I need to be able to change this in all courses, and hopefully not page by page. I've searched and read many discussions and can't find one on this particular subject.

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Phil Mayor

If you only want it for a sub group then you would need to hard code it with triggers.

It would be simple to create a variable (manager) that is false by default that managers turn to true.

Then just add a trigger to each slide On timeline start change state of Next to normal if manager === True

This can be quickly pasted to each slide (shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

Activating the variable is your only problem, I would make it a two factor authentication so on the slide master add a layer with a text entry field and a submit button, use that as a passcode. also on slide master add trigger to show the layer when a user presses a key combination.

It is a little work for 80 courses, but I would think it could be done in 2-3 days if not less.