Next button permanently disabled

Via a True/False variable and a trigger that adjusts the variable to True when 2 pictures are clicked, I disable the Next button until all slide interactions are done.

But, in reality my Next button is permanently disabled.

The pictures are .EMF files. Is that an issue?

I've set up a Visited state for each picture, but, there's no change to either picture. Is that an issue?

One picture is a link to another slide. The other picture is a link to an external mp4 file (new browser window). Is this an issue?

I'm missing something, but, I don't know what.

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Kelly Kremin


I added the reference and the result is False, not True - which confirms what I was seeing and sends me back into my programming.

So, back to my programming I went. And, I grabbed a colleague. In the midst of talking her through my variabale and such I saw my problem, deleted it, tested it and all is well again.

Thank you. I like addding the reference to check whether or not my variable is working.

Have a great day.