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I am looking at 2 different courses.  One the NEXT button is only enabled after the content has played and in the other the NEXT button is enabled from the beginning.  Neither course has any triggers related to enabling or disbling the NEXT buttons.  

Is there an overall setting that can control this and only make the NEXT button enabled when the timeline completes. 

I can't see why these 2 courses are working differently.

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Douglas Opicka


My understanding is that the "Restricted" menu/next/previous that you point out only means that a person must follow the course in order and cannot skip ahead using the menu.  A "Free" setting would mean that they can skip to anywhere in the course at any time using the menu.

I use the Restricted setting in the other course that does allow forward progress before timeline completion.

I don't think that is the setting.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Douglas

Melanie is correct, you have the menu set to restricted and also the option ticked Restrict Next Previous Button

Here is the KB article on restricting all slides using these options

Here is the KB article on restricting SOME slides using these options and override triggers

Melanie Sobie

Hi Douglas. I'm not sure if there is any detailed documentation on the Nex/Prev checkbox other than the two KB articles that Wendy pointed out.  It came out as a "new feature" in one of the releases (see note belo). 

Previous to this release, you had to add a trigger to each slide to "change state of Next button to disabled" at the beginning, and a second trigger to "change state of Next button to normal" when a specific action occurred.  This new feature lets you apply that setting to all slides at once and eliminates the need to set all of those slide triggers to control the Next and Prev buttons.  

July 11, 2017 (Build 3.7.12582.0)
Enhanced: When you restrict or lock navigation, you can now choose whether it impacts just the course menu or also disables the Previous and Next buttons. And you can use triggers to override restricted navigation for individual slides.