Next button state to remain Normal on previous slide

Jan 05, 2016

I have the player Next button state set to Disabled when the timeline starts and set to Normal when the timeline ends. If the user clicks on the Back button to review the previous slide, the Next button is re-set to disabled on the previous slide, preventing the user from moving forward once they have reviewed the content they want to review (i.e., they have to wait until the audio is finished to advance).

Is there a way to keep the Next button in it's Normal state when the user revisits the previous slide?

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Brett Rockwood

You can do it using a variable. Create a T/F variable, let's call it "viewed," and set the default to F. Set your trigger to disable the Next button  if "viewed" = F when the timeline starts. Keep your trigger the change the state of Next button to Normal when timeline ends. Next set 2 triggers on the Next button. The first to change "viewed" to T when clicked and the second to go to the next slide. (The order of these triggers is important; you need to change the variable before moving to the next slide.) 

There are probably other ways you could do this but I think this will work.

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