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Leslie McKerchie

Can you explain to me how to replicate the issue you are experiencing?

What should the navigation be for these slide? What do you want the Next button to do? It looks like the Next button only works prior to selecting anything, which does not seem to be what you are describing so I want to understand.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Luke,

I see what you're describing in the original file, that accessing the second or third tabs via layer you can no longer click on the "next" button - but it seems isolated to those layers? I don't see anything within the triggers or layer properties that would be causing this - and in the sample Leslie created you with similar triggers everything works normally. You mentioned this is happening for you across a number of slides, so I'm curious if it's always the same tabs or what the difference may be on the other slides? 

When items in a .story file aren't behaving as expected it's generally associated with an issue within the file and you'll want to confirm that you're working on project files as described here. You could also look at importing it into a new file as detailed here to resolve any lingering odd behavior. 

Walt Hamilton

Strangely, for me, the navigation seemed to work if I previewed one slide, but not when I previewed the entire scene.

Hiding the base objects does seem to be causing the problem. When I deselected that option, the next and previous buttons seemed to work for me.


This may not answer the question, but it is a successful work-around. Put a rectangle behind the text that is the same color as the base background on each layer, and it will hide the base objects, and you can deselect the layer option to hide them.