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LaVon Bowman

The transition that Walt suggested helps. The missing Next and Previous buttons on the Entry page is what causes the shift. Wish that there was an option to select that would hold the size of the player (like a spacer) in web design. I would think that this would be beneficial to a lot of people. This course I am publishing for the web and really do not want the shift. The only solution to stop the shift is to insert the Next button and disable it. Thank you both for helping.

LaVon Bowman

Wendy, My SMEs cannot use Articulate Review. It requires a password but I have left both boxes unchecked. They never had an issue until today. Has something changed? How do I set it up so that they can review it? Does each SME need their own password? Will one I set work for all SMEs? They can see the course but are not able to comment.

LaVon Bowman


You helped me with part of this before. It navigates these just fine.
slide 1.6 LP9 Roles,
slide 1.7 Business Executive
slide 1.8 Physician Committee
slide 1. LP9 Roles (cont).

BUT After visiting these slides the Next button takes you to an Activity slide. SMEs want a Prev button on the Activity slide (not graded.) I put in the Prev button that works but now, when using the buttons (not the menu) to navigate forward to say slide 1.12 and then click Prev buttons back till you get to Slide 1.9 LP9 Roles (cont) the NEXT button on the LP9 Roles (cont) is no longer active and cannot pass SCORM Cloud.

Can or will you help me with this?

Wendy Farmer

Hi LaVon

I couldn't see your variable 'activityVisited' so I created one.  

I created triggers on both continue buttons of the correct/incorrect feedback layers of the activity to change the variable to true when the button was clicked.

On 1.9 I added triggers to the Next button with conditions to include the variable.

You can delete the text boxes with the variable reference - they were for testing only

Hope this helps.

Marilyn Freedberg

My SMEs have never had an Articulate ID and are suddenly getting the enter email and password requirement though this never happened before (and is a big problem actually).

I also just got asked for my email and password in order to comment on my own Articulate Review course that I was in yesterday commenting without issue. And my Articulate password is not being taken!! So now I cannot even comment on my own course that I am going over with executives this afternoon. 

Katie Riggio

Oh no, Marilyn. I'm sorry to hear you hit this snag!

I'd love to help investigate what's going on in IE.

  • RE: The enter email and password requirement: Do your SMEs see the same prompt as my screenshot below? If so, what happens when they click on the Forgot Password link?


  • RE: The password issue: Is there an error message when you try to log in on IE, nothing happens after, or something else?

If you and your SMEs see something else, could you privately share their emails with me here? I'll dig in and let you know what I find. We'll figure these quirks out together!