Next button to throw error if not all layers have been seen

Nov 20, 2012

I am working on a module (Set-up like the accordian engage element) that I would like to require the learner to view all of the layers before they can move to the next slide. 

I have the triggers and variables in place so the user cannot proceed (restricted navigation) however, I would like the Next button to have a pop-up saying "Please view all before proceeding" if the user clicks the next button too soon. However, I cannot seem to get it to work for every layer. 

I have attached the .story file. Any suggestions?

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Michelle Thomas

Showemimo - 

Thank you for your response. This tutorial was helpful. However, if when I set up the Incomplete layer, do you know which options I choose to be sure that other layers do not appear when I click the next button? Currently, if I am on layer 2 for instance and I click on the next button, the Incomplete layer appears but other layers show up behind it (layers that are not layer 2). 

Any suggestions?

Sinchu Raj

HI michelle,

I have opened your story file, you have a done a good job and i have modified your file, now everything is working fine,please have a look.

1. have created one more layer and placed the first accordian click in new layer.

3.give a trigger to show the first layer when timeline starts.

4.deleted all "Please view all before proceeding"  layers and placed the text in base layer,change the initial state to hidden.

5.called a trigger to all layers to hide the "Please view all before proceeding" .

6. have added new five triggers to trace all buttons are clicked

7.change the slide properties ( taken out the option "Hide the object from base layer"

Please take the file from attach and check

Andrew Breyer

Hello SinchuRaj. Have you found a way to make the message disappear after a certain amount of time when viewing the other layers? I played around with it but couldn't get it to disappear when activating it on other layers. I currently use an "Incomplete" layer with the layer closing when the timeline ends. The incomplete layer works pretty good but I feel your option would work in other areas if we can get it to close automatically some how.

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