Next Button Triggering Slides layers


I am sure my issue might be extremely straightforward for some of you. I am using storyline 2 in a baisc way that looks more like a slide presentation than a full view interaction with button.

I would like that on the same view the move to the next layer is triggered by the next button only and not by any additional button on the view itself.

I have tried several ways but always failed, I did put some conditional variables to change base layer status to 1 when click on the next button and that variable triggered the next layer but have to say that I have not been very successfull.

Can anyone help?  

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Verbist

attached is a basic example but it's hard when you don't say what happens when the layer displays, how do you want the user to move from the layer to the next slide?

In this example, the user clicks the next button on the first slide, the layer appears and then moves to the next slide when the timeline reaches xx secs.

verbist Laurent

Thanks for the feedback What I am looking is basically using only the next button to move from a layer to the other, actually these layers could have been inserted into different slides that would not have changes much as I have not put any interaction into it.

Process I want to implement is (I understand this might not be why you would use layers as there aren't any much interactivity,...Debutant user)))) :

1. Base Layer click on next button

2. Land on layer 1

3. Click on next button

4. Land on layer 2

5. click on next button move to next slides

Leslie McKerchie

As you probably noticed in your testing, those triggers will apply to the base layer. I would recommend utilizing the linear approach of slides, not layers, to achieve the look/feel you are going for.

Hopefully someone in the community may be of better assistance for you in this design setup if needed.