Next button won't change state when other objects are visited

I'm sorry I've read countless suggestions for this problem but none of them have solved the issue for me. I have used variables to deactivate and activate the next button but it still doesn't show as normal/true even when all of the criteria is completed, please help!  The issue is on the layer called The Attack

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Mary, I made a few adjustments to the attack layer and the button now works as it should.

You had the trigger to change the next button to normal attached to the button object. I changed it so that it would trigger when the timeline started.

I also removed all of the triggers to change the oval objects to visited. This did not impact your results but you don't need to add triggers to set the visited states because Storyline has built-in logic to do this.

Hope this helped. Please let me know if you need further explanation. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Mary,

Thanks for following up! Instead of changing the button's state to Normal when the timeline starts, try using When the variable changes. In this case, the timeline has already started and will not trigger the change. I've completed that for you in your first slide and have attached it below! 

I hope this helps!