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Anna Grillo

Hi Louisa, 

It looks like the slide master you're using has a trigger to change the state of the next button to normal when the timeline ends. Deleting that trigger should do the trick!

Also, since your trigger to change the state of the next button is set to fire when the timeline starts, try setting the individual layer triggers to jump back to the base layer (rather than simply hiding the layer).

Let me know if that solves the problem!


Domenic James

Thank you for rapid response! Yes, I've got it working now. But... when I set it to jump back to the slide, it would show the next button and then disappear. So I went back to hiding the layers, and it was fine. 

I thought I had removed all the Next stuff on this particular slide... where should I have removed the command? I ended up just using a totally blank slide that I knew was clean of all commands and then adding all the elements back onto the slide.



Domenic James

Hmm... I can't delete the triggers from all those slides because they are used throughout the module. I did delete the triggers from the very last slide and named it Without NEXT. But when I used it as the layout for the slide I had issues with, it acted like the others even though the triggers were clearly not in the right side panel.

Could another command be hiding elsewhere?

Anna Grillo

Ah, now I see why this was driving you crazy! On further review, it appears that each layout will inherit the master slide's triggers even if you delete them from the individual layouts. So, instead of creating a new layout within the same master slide, I would duplicate the master slide and delete the triggers to change the next button to hidden/normal. 

The attached file has two slides: one using your current master slide and one using a new master slide (which I called No Next Button Triggers). 

Fingers crossed that this solves the problem!! 

Domenic James

So it would appear that by duplicating a slide master slide, it inherits all its properties even if you delete them manually on any of the individual slides. And these inherited properties are indeed "hidden" somewhere that you can't see.

Good thing to know! Hopefully if someone else runs into this issue, they can find this thread and save some headache.


Thanks so much, Anna!