Next button won't work in Quiz

Hi All, 

I am having an issue with a custom next button in the quiz in my project. The next button is on the base layer of each question. The default state is disabled and I have added triggers to the correct and incorrect layers to change it to normal, along with a trigger on the base layer to jump to the next slide (which I imagine should be the next question in the bank...) when the user clicks the next button if the state of the button is Normal. The problem, is that the button will change to normal but isn't clickable, it won't allow me to move to the next slide. I've attached a generic sample of the issue. I'm hoping someone can help, I'm sure it must be an easy fix but I've hit a wall in trying to figure it out! Thanks so much. 

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Luiza Quinto

Hi, Mary

Thanks for a thorough description of your concern and for the file that you shared. Per checking the file, I can confirm that the "next" button is not allowing the user to skip to the next slide.

The triggers that you set are working as expected, but since the "next" button is on the base layer, it's not clickable when the correct/incorrect layer pops up. There's no trigger to hide the correct/incorrect layer.

There are at least two ways to work around this.

1. Add a trigger that will hide the correct/incorrect layer. This is what I've done in a copy of your .story file as uploaded here. The trigger is set to hide the correct/incorrect layer when the user clicks on the feedback textbox.

2. Add a trigger/button to the correct/incorrect layer that will allow the user to jump to the "next" slide so the user won't need to go back to the base layer. This will minimize the number of clicks that the user will have to do.

The decision between these options will depend on your course's design but I'm sincerely hoping that either of them will work for you.

Let me know if I can help you in any other way. Cheers!


Mary T. Collins

Thanks so much Luiza, I'm going to use option number 2 to minimize clicks for the learner! I'm confused about one thing though, is this functionality unique to quiz layers? I have the same set-up in lots of other slides whereby the next button is on the base layer and gets activated based on an action on a layer and in those cases it's possible to click on it. 

Luiza Quinto

Hey again, Mary!

Good point! This prompted me to do some more digging and testing on my end until I stumbled upon the "prevent the user from clicking on the base layer" option under the slide layer properties. Unchecking this box does exactly what we both intend to happen on your .story file so we can now delete the additional trigger from my post above.

Here's the updated .story file.

Best of luck!