Next delay - Restricted Status - Multiple Slide Layers

Oct 31, 2017

Hi Folks:

I'm using Storyline 3.

I have one slide with an interesting problem.

I am in a restricted set up and the base layer has the end of this slide at about 12 seconds with the audio voice over.

I have 3 other slide layers with voice over.

I had thought I could move the "end" bar to adjust the display time to the end of the total time of the voice over time lengths would make so the Next button would not appear until then.

But it seems the Next button is frozen in closed mode.

It appears the Next button is limited to the Base Layer and it's voice over time length.

Any thoughts for how to make the Next not display until all Slide layers are processed?

Thanks everyone!!

Almost there!!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roy, 

The next button is connected with the base layer timeline when you're using restricted navigation, although you can split these two elements as noted here. 

To stop the next button from proceeding based on the slide layers and their timelines, you'll likely need to use a variable adjusted on the final layer that the user visits and let the value of that variable drive when the next button will work. 

If you've got this set up, share a copy of your .story file here in the forums and folks can take a look and chime in on the set up! 

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