Next page control on Multiple Hotspot Interaction

I have a graphic with several hotspots on it.  Each hotspot opens a box (which is a Slide Layer) with a close button in it.  I want to keep the user from progressing before clicking all of the hotspots.

When I try to set the trigger for Next, and try to list a trigger condition for Shapes, the 'hot spots' don't show up there.  When I had 'button's on the screen earlier, I would set a condition that they have to click all the 'buttons' which were options in the conditions dialog.

Now I could create a variable for each button, and once all are true, then proceed, but I have 15 hotspots.  I could also do a counter, but then I would have to subtract from the counter if they hit the same hot spot twice.

Ideas?  Thanks.  I am sure there is a much easier answer I am not thinking of.  Working many hours so mind not clear!  :-0)

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