Next/previous button on layer

Hi, I have a slide that containts next/previous buttons and triggers to two layers. I put a trigger on the layers to make the learners go back to the original slide. But, the next/previous buttons are also visible on the layers. If the learner doesn't use the trigger I built, he can skip to the next slide if he uses the next button. I do not want that. Is there a way to disable the next/previous buttons on layers?


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Brian Allen

Probably the easiest way to do this, without getting into variables, is to use simple state changes that are tied to triggers on your buttons, or whatever you're using to go to each layer and slide.

Basically, if I'm clicking on a layer button there are triggers on the layer to change the state of NEXT and PREV to "hidden".  If I'm clicking on a button on the layer that's going to take me back to a slide, then I'm changing the NEXT and PREV buttons back to "normal".

Just make sure you test well and that you're not leaving a learner stuck on a layer or something.

It's quite a bit of work to add this functionality, but if you really need it then it's definitely do-able.

I've attached a sample .story file that should get you started.  Let me know if you have any questions about it.