Next trigger


I've tried various options without success and now need your help.

I've created a Next button consisting of a rectangle and text box grouping them together.

The trigger wizard doesn't show the 'group next' (name given in timeline) therefore I can't select it - why is this?

I did try ungrouping the objects and giving them each a trigger to hide when the timeline starts which works.

But I'm having issues with having the group (or individuals) appearing after the state of 3 markers have been visited (visited states on each marker).  I've used change the state of 'next txt' to normal when state 'marker 1, 2 & 3' are visited without success.

Any thoughts guys?



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Walt Hamilton


As you discovered, groups do not always play nicely. You can apply fills, shadows outlines, and effects to text boxes, just as you can to shapes, so I recommend designing your text box to look the way you want it and using it.

The visited state is quirky if you visit several other slides, and especially if those slide have branches. I would stay away from it.

Using states in the "When" part of a trigger is almost never successful. It does frequently work in the conditions part of a trigger.

I generally use variables and custom states for navigation. I'm attaching a sample. It shows two examples, one that requires the user to visit the segments in order (restricted navigation), and one that allows them to visit the segments in any order (free navigation).

Notice that in restricted navigation, the end button does not appear until all 4 segments have been visited.

If anything isn't clear, just ask.