No attempt or completion record on Chrome or Edge

Strange happenings reported by our LMS Admin... we have incidents where student launches and claims to have successfully completed a SCORM module but no record of attempts or completion exist. This has been re-created in Chrome and Edge browsers by our Admins but the modules play and record completion as expected in the IE and Firefox browsers.

Has anyone seen this or know how to resolve it? Hundreds of completions on each module and only a couple complain of this scenario.

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Sam Hill

Speaking from experience we develop a lot of SCORM modules to multiple LMS and most users will use Chrome (but there are a good amount in Edge and FF too) and haven't come across this problem before.

Is is possible your users have a network connectivity issue, and at some point the connection with the LMS is lost? Your LMS admins might have more insight if they have been able to replicate the issue.

Al Lauer

Thanks Sam. We had considered the broken session issue and are looking into it. I would think this would be intermittent though and we can re-create the issue over and over, taking a very short time to complete each test case to avoid a broken session. As we gather more information, it is starting to look like the problematic modules were built by outside entities, probably using various versions of Storyline (360, 3, and numerous update versions). We're going to run them on Rustici's cloud and see if we have similar results.

To Articulate Pros - Is there a server patch that can be applied to the LMS to adapt modules built with older modules to updated version published code? I remember when such a patch was made available to account for new browser security patches that affected published courses.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Al!

I'm happy to help!

It sounds like you might be talking about the Identifier. The Identifier is a unique string of characters assigned by Storyline that your LMS uses to identify your course. If you're republishing a course that's already in your LMS, don't change the value in this field. 

Also, we do have an FTP feature that you can select after publishing. This opens a window where you can enter your FTP credentials and transfer your output to a server.

Do any of these sound similar to what you're referring to? If not, please let me know!