No Audio after published in Storyline

Sep 25, 2013

Hi All,

Does anyone came across audio issues with Storyline?

I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and Storyline is not able to publish with audio.

Strangely, audio was intact while previewing the entire slides and I could hear it. But not after I published it.

Why is that so?

I have tried exporting the current track(MP3) and re-import it onto slides via "Insert" > "Sound from files" but still the audio doesnt show up after publishing it.

Any solution to this? Anyone experiencing this issue too or am I the lucky one?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shelby,

I see that my colleague, Ren, was able to respond to a similar question here.

In addition:

  • Are you working on your software, project files, and assets (like audio) on your local drive (typically your C: Drive)?
  • Does the audio work when you preview the file?
  • Is a trigger required for the audio to play?

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