No audio in step-by-step screencast

Apr 18, 2013

I recorded a screencast by performing a demonstration on my computer while narrating live. If I insert as a “Video on a single slide,” and preview the slide, the narration is fine. However, if I insert a new scene and select “Step-by-step slides” with “View mode steps” and preview the scene, the narration is not audible. How can I get the narration to play in my view mode steps screencast?

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Peter Anderson

Hi John!

When inserting a screen recording as step-by-step slides, any audio that you recorded with the screencast will not be used. Step-by-step slides display only the action-related clips of your original screencast. As a result, the recorded audio would not match up to the individual slides if it were included. Your audio will still be available in the original screen recording—in case you also want to insert it as a video on a single slide.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mirko,

Thanks for reaching out! It's an interesting set up you have there. The current behavior of a step by step doesn't include any audio, and we don't have plans at this time to change it. One of the big pieces that seem troublesome to me is how Storyline would sync that audio when it cuts off across actions - but I'll share your idea with the team. 

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