No audio on a new slide

Mar 12, 2021

I'm new to using Articulate and cant seem to figure this one out. I've replaced a slide within my scene and used the text to speech option as I did with all the others. I can see my wavelength in my timeline and can hear it when I preview under audio tools. But the wavelength isn't showing in the audio editor feature where I'd go to add "silence" to my text. During preview project, everything works as it should except the audio? Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Thank you in advance! 

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kelly, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

I'm sorry you are experiencing this issue with audio. 

Sometimes triggers can affect how the audio is displayed on the timeline, but if you see the wavelength, it should also show in the audio editor. 

Would you be able to share your .story file publicly here or privately through a support case so we can check what's going on?