No Audio Playback in Chrome 66

I have recently published SCORM content to my LMS and am having issues with getting the audio to play when it is viewed in Chrome 66 (no issue with Safari or Explorer). LMS support says it's a new browser security feature to prevent auto play without user input on Chrome. I am working in Storyline 2 and LMS support suggests "updating the SCORM" - not so sure how I can accomplish this. How can I get the audio to play within the LMS from the first slide - any work arounds or suggestions? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel and Jennifer,

We'll let you know once an update for Storyline 2 is available, our team is hard at work on this. 

I saw a user share a potential workaround earlier today, so you may want to take a look at that to see if it would help in the interim. It's not something I've tried or can offer advice on, so feel free to reach out to Senthil directly. 

Jennifer Morgan

Great, thank you.  Luckily I have about 40 courses right now, took me all day yesterday and half day today to get through it all.  Moving forward though, I know I will have well over 100 courses and it won't be doable to convert one by one since it's very time consuming.  If your team is able to come easier process, that would be fantastic.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer, 

We're still working on this updater, but today Chrome also rolled back some of their changes to auto-play. Apparently it wasn't just Articulate customers who were unhappy with their new take on this! We updated our article here with that additional info, as this rollback from Chrome is temporary till Oct 2018. 

Crystal Horn

Hey Storyline 2 users!  Good news... I'm excited to let you know that we released update 13 for Storyline 2 which addresses the autoplay issues with Google Chrome. 

Download Storyline 2 here for the latest version!

*Note:  Google Chrome rolled back their autoplay policy for now, but they expect to implement it again later this year.  Make sure to republish your content with the latest version so that you're ready!