No Audio when SL2 is Docked

May 21, 2018

Hello,  I've never had this problem before.  I no longer can get audio through my SL2 course(s) when my PC s docked.  I have tried several things, but it seems that this is only happening when previewing SL2 --- both in the slide timeline and also during preview.  The audio is there when undocked.

Suggested solutions?

Thank you!


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Joe Tansengco


Does your computer use a different set of speakers when in docked mode? This may be the reason why you are experiencing the audio issue. In portable mode, a PC will have its audio routed to the built in speakers, but in docked mode, the audio will be routed to any other speakers connected to PC. The audio routing to the external speakers uses a different driver as well.

You may wish to check which is the current active audio device being used in docked mode, as it may be the case that while the PC recognizes the external speakers as being the active ones, SL2 still recognizes that built in speakers (which are disabled in docked mode) as the active speakers.

A similar issue has been reported in this discussion. Kindly check if SL2 is routing audio to the right device, specifically in the Audio options.



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