No Audio When Viewing on Mobile

I've published a course in Storyline that I am testing and viewing just fine on our LMS (including audio).  However, when I view the course through a mobile device (iPad), the audio does not play, or is inaudible.  It's odd, because on the first slide, there is a short video clip that plays with audio, and I can hear the audio in this clip fine.  But on the next slides, where there is recorded narration (and no video clips), the audio is not there.

Any ideas on how to fix this or what the problem might be?

Thank you,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Niall,

First, can you share a little more information on how you're publishing and viewing the project, please? Are you publishing for the Articulate Mobile Player, or HTML5/Safari?

If you're publishing and viewing HTML5 content, are your slides set to advance automatically? 

Please take a look at the article below and see if the solutions listed fix the audio problem:

Articulate Support > Audio or video is missing in mobile Safari