No Bookmarking a Quiz in Storyline

I'm doing my final testing with Storyline and our LMS, SABA.  I want to be able to promt the user what they want to do when they arrive back into the course (which is working), however, I don't want the course to be bookmarked in the middle of a quiz, it should start them over at the beginning of the quiz if they left the course in the middle.

I've turned off the "remember slide whatever it is," but that didn't do it.  I'm sure there is something simple here.....

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Gerry Wasiluk

Not sure there's a lot of flex here as how bookmarking works is controlled by the AICC and SCORM specs. 

One option--put a way early in the course for people to try the final quiz without going through all the content.  If the learner already knows the content, or if they've launched the course before, and there is no resume, they can get quickly to the quiz.

I'm trying also to think of a way for a button to appear on the results slide that only appears if the learner have taken the quiz and has left the course previously.

Remember--Saba often has issues having a learner retake a quiz during the same launch session.  So re-launching a quiz is often your best option to avoid reporting problems.

Hmm, also just thought of something that may work.  Need to test it though.  Be back if it works.

Jenny Anderson

Gerry, you're my super hero. 

I don't know if I was totally clear.  The bookmarking needs to be disabled during the middle of the quiz so learners who exit in the middle of the quiz (only) need to start the quiz over from the beginning.  This works without a problem with quizzes built in Quizmaker. 

Once they've taken the quiz, the functionality is working as intended (or at least as our tech team wants). 

Gerry Wasiluk

Okay, here goes one possible solution.  Hope this works. (If it doesn't or if someone has something simpler, hopefully it may inspire someone else here to look at this.)

Besides (hopefully) addressing your issue, it should also help those who would like to have a learner exit a quiz at the results page (after taking the entire quiz) and have them optionally return to the beginning of the quiz when they re-launch the course and choose to resume where they left off.  Out of the box, they get returned to the quiz results page, which doesn't help them retake a quiz.

The solution, however, is a bit dependent on the learner clicking the right buttons in the course.  If they do not, it could mess things up.

The key to this is using a introductory slide before your quiz (with one layer in it) and one variable that we're going to be setting at various times.

1. Create a new variable.  Let's call it varBookmarkFlag for this example.  Make it a True-False variable with an initial value of false.

2. In course, have an introductory slide right before your quiz questions.  If you are using the side menu showing the slides in the course, remove it from view for this slide (and also from the question slides and the results slide for the quiz).  Also, remove the Next and Previous buttons for all these slides.

And, very importantly, set the revisit property for this introductory quiz slide to "Resume saved state."

3. On the introductory slide, add at least one button.  This button will be for starting the quiz.  I named my "Start the Quiz."  Add two triggers to this button.

  • The first trigger (and it MUST be the first trigger for the button) sets the value of varBookmarkFlag to true when the button is clicked.

  • The second trigger for the button simply moves the learner to the first question slide in your quiz when clicked.

Again, in the triggers panel, make sure your button's triggers have the one that sets the variable's value listed first and then has the trigger that moves to the quiz questions.

4. Then, on each of your question slides, add a button that learners can click in the middle of a quiz that will abort their taking of the quiz.  I called my button "Abort Quiz & Exit."  Then add one trigger to this button--a trigger that when the button is clicked moves the learner to the quiz introduction slide you previously created.

  • Make sure that it is clear to learners that they should always click this button to quit the quiz in the middle of taking it (you can put this information in your quiz introductory slide).  You don't want them to click this button by mistake when they mean to click the "Submit" button for a quiz question.  Admittedly, this is weak link in this solution but we have to trust learners to do the right thing.  I'd probably use my own submit button here instead and make it more prominent and larger.
  • Again, add this abort quiz button to each of the question slides.  (If you are comfortable with templates, you can add it there.)
  • For each question slide, set its revisited state to "Reset to initial state."

5. On your quiz results slide, add a "Exit" course button on the base layer.  This button will have one trigger--the same as in #4.   It will move the learner to the quiz's introduction slide. 

Maybe add some language to the slide that makes it clear to the learner that they need to click this exit button.

6. Go back to your quiz introduction slide and add a layer.  I added the layer and renamed it to "Exit Course Layer."

7. On the properties for this new slide layer (make sure you select the layer's properties and not the base layer's properties for this slide), make sure you select to "Hide objects on base layer."

(I'd also add a background shape to cover the entire layer--sometimes base layer objects, despite the setting above, bleed through to the layer.)

8. On this new layer, add some goodbye text for the learner and then add a final exit course button.  Give the button a trigger to exit the course when clicked:

9. Add a trigger to this layer.  In it, set the value of your variable to false when the timeline starts for the layer.  Make sure it is a Layer Trigger.

10. Now go back to the base layer of the slide.   Add a shape and move it off the canvas.

11.  On the timeline, have this shape just appear after the slide opens.  I did .25 seconds after the slide started.

12. Add a trigger to this shape.  Have it show the layer on this slide when the timeline starts for the shape you added.  Add a condition to this trigger.  It will only work when your variable value is equal to true.

13. In your Player properties, set your resume properties.  I used "Prompt to resume."

Publish your course out and test.

The value of the variable determines what you see on your quiz introductory slide.  The first time you get to the slide, the variable is false, so you don't see the layer that actually exits the learner from the course.  You just just see the base slide that leads you to the quiz.

Once you start the quiz, the variable is now true, so when you go back to the introductory slide, the layer shows for exiting and the variable is set back to false for next time the course is launched.

(If you are publishing to SCORM 1.2 for Saba, use the SCORMFunctions.js file that Dave Mozealous sent you yesterday.)

Here's my story file and you can use it for quick testing.

Link to Story file.

Jenny Anderson

WOW.  Thanks for the detailed steps.  It all makes sense....and I suspected it would come down to applying a true/false variable.  Which then makes my exit button in the player kind of null and void, right?  No worries.  I've moved the exit into the content......

I've sent the test over to the tech team.  Here's to hoping we're golden. 

THANK YOU again for all your help.  I owe you a margarita.