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Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

I'm happy to help!

It sounds like you're using the Classic Player in your Storyline project, and when clicking "No" on the Resume Where You Left Off prompt, the screen is blank. 

Is this the prompt you're seeing in your course?

When you click, "No" it should jump to the first slide, and clicking "Yes" should move you to the last slide you were on. 

Would you mind sharing your file with us so I can see what might be causing this snag? You can either attach the .story file to this discussion by using the Add Attachment button, or you can send it to us by using this privately upload link. 

Either way, we'll take a look and share our findings with you! 

Adam Brown

Hi Lauren,

Many thanks for your reply.

That is correct. We are using the classic player and that is the prompt that appears. However, I can't see there being an issue with the file as it works perfectly in other browsers. The 'No' button only fails to work in Internet Explorer 11.

Have you had any experience with browser specific problems?

Many thanks - Adam

Vincent Scoma

Hi Adam,

Thank you for sharing those details with us! 

Based on what you are describing, there could be an issue specific to IE 11 here. I did try to recreate the problem on my side, however, I was having trouble recreating the issue: 

May I ask what version of IE 11 you are using? You can locate this information by: 

  • In IE 11, click on the ⚙︎ icon on the top right
  • Click on About Internet Explorer
  • This prompt should appear displaying the version

Please keep us updated on this and let us know if you have any questions!