"No Content" in Articulate Mobile

Trying to use Articulate Mobile for the first time. I published my training after checking the "Articulate Mobile Player for iPad" box. Then I copied all the files and pasted them into our web server.

No matter what I do, when I open the Articulate Mobile app, it just says "No Content".

I can use my iPad through Mobileiron to get to the web file and access the training, but of course it doesn't play correctly.

How can I populate the library in the Articulate Mobile app or get my training to play in it? I've followed the tutorials, but maybe I'm missing an unwritten step?

Can you help me please? It would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jon and welcome to Heroes!

To access the course from within the mobile player, you'll need to use a link to the course from your web server or an LMS (that supports Tin Can API). If you're able to open the web server from your iPad, and then look for the story.html link and that should open a page with a button to launch it within the mobile player. You could also email a link to the story.html page and then click on that while on the iPad.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Jon Light

Thanks so much for responding Ashley!

I actually just stumbled into that same process not ½ hour ago by myself, and it worked absolutely great. I'm very pleased with the results on my iPad.

Still... Thanks for the wonderful support! I knew it had to be some small thing I was doing wrong. I thought I should access the file directly from Articulate Mobile, not realizing that it wouldn’t show up in the Library until I accessed it via Safari.

Laura Douglas

Ashley, please confirm if what I think is correct. But it appears that for a course to launch correctly through the iPad app, it needs to be published in an LMS as a TinCan API file? Am I right in interpreting what you said above?

I can play the course via Safari on an iPhone and iPad (without articulate installed) but this is what happens when I launch the course in the Articulate Player app on my iPad. 

The course is published as a SCORM 1.2 --- should I re-publish as a TinCan API in order to get it to function correctly on the mobile player app? Please advise.