No Course Audio in Firefox

I can't seem to find any existing post that addresses my issue.

I published a Storyline course for the Web and included HTML5 compatibility.  When I view the same course on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, I have drastically different experiences.  The most troubling is that my Firefox course does not have any audio.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sara,

First, are you testing the content after it has been uploaded to a web server or LMS? Or are you viewing it locally after publishing it?

Second, it may simply have to do with HTML5. Different browsers handle HTML5 differently. To get a better understanding of the way different browsers handle HTML5, you may want to take a look at this page in the different browsers you're using. 

For example, with Google Chrome my audio score is 20 with +5 bonus points. In Firefox, it's slightly lover and doesn't support MP3 or ACC for HTML5.

If you have the course uploaded to a server, are you able to share a link? I could do some browser testing and let you know if I experience the same issue with the audio. If you don't have the course uploaded, are you able to share the project's .STORY file here?