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Elizabeth Dennis

Hi John, 

I believe this is an HTML5 issue.  I've found I can't use Tab to have the learner go to the next slide. The reason is that tab is used in HTML5 for users who can't use a mouse to go to the next field. HTML5 overrides this when I publish the storyline file.

Escape is the HTML5 command for closing a window. 

I hope this helps. 

Ali Goulet

Hey John!

Are you seeing this happening when you're attempting to set up the trigger itself, or just when you're testing out the trigger in Preview mode? I did a quick test course on my end, which I attached below, and was able to create the trigger itself. I also recorded how I set up the trigger, check it out here and let me know if you're seeing something different. You'll want to make sure to click in the text entry field before hitting the ESC key, otherwise Storyline will think you're trying to use the key as a shortcut to close the window.

The ESC key is a tricky one to use for a trigger as far as previewing, however. When you hit your ESC key while previewing, it will perform a shortcut action of closing out the preview screen. I would recommend publishing your course and testing it in the environment it's published for. Once I published the test course below for web and uploaded to tempshare to test, the trigger appeared to function as desired in Chrome for both HTML and HTML5 outputs. You can test it out here.

Please also feel free to share your .story file here if you continue to encounter this issue once published or if I'm misunderstanding at all. Thanks so much!

John Black


That's so cool you recorded a video and uploaded a file! Thanks!

The problem occurs when you have designated a key other than ESC in your trigger. When you try to change the designation, hitting ESC closes the trigger and leaves it unchanged. The solution was to completely delete the original trigger and build a new one.

Your advice to test a published version rather than a preview will be helpful soon.


Ali Goulet

Hi there John,

Thanks for the clarification on that! I just tested that out as well and I'm still not finding that to be an issue on my end as long as I make sure to click in the text entry field before hitting the ESC key. I'm so glad that you were able to find a simple workaround for what you're seeing. However, if it continues to be a sore point or you start seeing anything else acting unexpectedly, I'm curious to know if it's something you can reproduce in a brand new file. If you're not able to see the same behavior in a brand new file, then importing your slides into a new file may resolve any strangeness.

If you are able to see the same behavior in a new file as well, I'd want to verify that you're working locally as described here and running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 11 which you can download over here. If so, running this repair on your software would be your best bet to resolve anymore erratic behavior. 

I'm so happy you found my last response helpful, and please do keep us updated here if you run into any more issue while testing it out as well. Just for kicks, I published the sample course I attached before for SCORM and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud to test it. The ESC brought me to the next slide and didn't close out the window for me viewing the Flash output, so that may bring a little relief to you. You can view it over here if you'd like :)