no LMS

I work for an agency that does not have an LMS but has been developing elearning courses.  Our work around at this point has been to zip the file, upload to our website, provide instructions to the end user on how to download, unzip the file and complete the course.  A certificate is generated at the end of the course that they have to email back to us for our tracking purposes.  We are trying to find a more user friendly work around??  Suggestions??

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Crystal Horn

Hi Kim!  Would your users be able to simply view the course from your website instead of downloading the .zip file?  Are you publishing for the web or for CD-for local viewing?  Here is some information about publishing and sharing your course to make sure your learners are getting the most they can out of your course.

If your setup allows, you should be able to upload your course to your website and then provide your learners with a direct link to the course so that there's nothing for them to download and unzip.