I am so happy to have Articulate again!  I had to use Captivate for 6 months.  

My new organization has about 50 employees.  I'm not used to the small office culture yet!  We are trying to implement new technologies, but it's a slow process.  We currently do not have an LMS and probably won't for a couple more years.  

Our main eLearning customer will be our association membership, all of WA State's city elected officials.  We will post eLearnings on the web and have them register through that process.  We have nothing to track staff training.  My question is, if I create an eLearning for staff and post on our intranet, what's a process that can assist with tracking?  Does articulate have a certificates feature?  I've always managed tracking in an LMS.  

Please share any ideas you have! Thanks! 

(Side question - is in "an LMS" or "a LMS"?)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katie!

Welcome back!

We recommend tracking in an LMS (yes - 'an LMS') of course.

Storyline doesn't currently support certificates of completion. However, you may be able to modify the report.html file in your published output to make it look like a certificate. Here's how.
You could also use JavaScript triggers with a custom html page. Here's an excellent demo and downloadable sample project from one of our community members.