no mouseover-state for active buttons

May 23, 2019

It's kinda embarrassing to admit, but my buttons have me at a loss.

I built a project with several pick-one freeform questions. I designed the buttons of those freeform questions to have a normal, an activated and a mouse-over state. I styled a single button once and then used the format painter to apply the design and states to all my buttons.

Now here's the thing:
The slide with the first button-set works like this: An activated (aka User clicked) button won't show the mouse-over state if you hover over that button. 

However the other slides, which work with the copied design from the first button-set work like this: An activated (aka User clicked) button will show the mouse-over state if you hover over that button.

I have no idea why it turned out differently for the first slide when I simply copied the design with the format painter for the others. Is there a way to block the mouse-over state once a button is activated?
I've tried it the other way around and used the format painter to copy the design from the "mouser-over does work"-buttons to the "mouser-over doesn't work"-buttons, but nothing changed. So maybe the problem lies not within the states of the buttons, but an option for that specific slide...?

All of my questions are button-sets. I've also tested in review, but no changes.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ina. Nothing to be embarrassed about. That is odd behavior!

The Hover state should be active even when a button is in the Selected state. I'm curious why it isn't working that way on the first slide. If you can share your project file, I'd like to take a look to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

No worries if you can't! Tell me a bit more:

  • Are you using buttons or shapes?
  • Did you create custom Hover and Selected states, or are you using the built-in states?
  • Do you have triggers to change the states of your objects?

We'll work on some next steps with that information!


Désirée  Jochem

Hi Crystal, thank you for answering. Unfortunately I can't share my project file, so I hope we'll be able to solve my issue by using our brains ;)

To answer your questions:

  • I'm using shapes
  • I used the built-in states for my first shape-button and then used the format painter.
  • None of my buttons use triggers.

I get that my first slide is behaving abnormally here and should display the hover state even when the button is selected - but for my project it's better the other way around. So I'm actually more interested in deactivating the hover state for selected buttons... 

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