No pass/fail layers, but don't move on unless you get it right?

Mar 09, 2016

As per the title, really - I wish to include an interaction whereby there is no obvious "that's right" or "try again" indication, but you only move on to the next slide if you get it right.

I've attached an example - a text entry with multiple fields, which is judged as a 'pick one' interaction when the user clicks the panel 'close' button. I would like for the slide to advance only if they complete the required fields correctly - currently it moves on regardless, just when you click the button.

Is there anything I can do to work round this?  :-)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Erin

see if this works for you. I added a blank slide before the Pick One with a very short timeline.  I then updated the branching in form view for incorrect to go to the blank slide which then jumps straight back to the Pick One.

I also removed the triggers to the loop layers (just while I was testing)

Someone may chime in with a better way for you.

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