No quiz tracking in HTML5 mode?!?

I am at my wits end here... I get that everything is working fine in Flash, but we're not exactly in 2009 any more, are we, so one would expect that the HTML5 output would not go bonkers because of a few multiple choice questions. What's exactly happening here? I read in many updates that this has been solved but I am trialling now Articulate Storyline 2 and while it's better than v.1 (abandoned that after the trial, was too buggy), but I do need to see these courses work in HTML5 and without the Articulate Player, cause you can't expect computer illiterate people to install extra apps and run things through that. Also I would like to see this work on desktop too in HTML5, so what's to be done here? Any real, working advice?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Attila!

Quiz tracking is supported in HTML5 content. If you are publishing for LMS, you can test this through the SCORM Cloud to see if you are seeing the tracking results.

Please make sure you are working locally as described here.

Would you be able to share the file here so we can see what issues are going on with the file?


Attila Vago

I may have found the solution myself just right now... (Yes, if you want an answer to a bug, post it on a forum, and find the answer yourself in the next 10 minutes... story of my life...)

Apparently just by going to the next slide, the choices won't submit automatically in HTML5 mode, but will in Flash mode. So, I am now editing my next button to submit the choices while advancing to the next slide.

Attila Vago

Yes, will do. Thank you both for offering to help. :)

Must say the new Articulate is miles better than the old one. A new feature I wholeheartedly recommend is making a responsive course. Yes, I know that's a tough one, but would instantly win me and all my web-developer friends over... :D