No Resource access, exit course trigger not working, and Videoscribe won't work in Chrome

I have produced a course that I published to my desktop and then uploaded to a website. All aspects of the course work on the desktop. However, on the website most of the course works except:

1. The resource tabs work only in Firefox

2. The 'exit course' triggers don't work in any of the 3 browsers

3. A VideoScribe movie .mov works in both Safari and Firefox but not in Chrome

I uploaded it a second time but with no different results.

Any ideas please?

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Geoffrey Allan

Thanks very much for your answer. Unfortunately it doesn’t really help me.

I don’t work in an organisation and hence I have no access to a server or network. The people for whom the course has been made are scattered throughout the UK and so the web is the easiest way for them to access the course.

I could understand local security problems if I was in an organisation but I work from home and all my browsers have the same security and privacy settings so I’m still left with conundrum of how to get this to work reliably.

I'm reluctant to use the CD version because of problems inherent with transferring large files. Many of the probable recipients have little or no experience of such techniques.

Thanks, anyway. I guess t’s back to the drawing board.

Geoff Allan

Geoffrey Allan

I think we’ve gone full-circle, Phil. My course is on a web server and I’m finding some features act inconsistently, mostly depending on the browser being used.

The resource tab works only with Firefox

The VideoScribe won’t run on Chrome but quite happily does with Firefox and Safari

The ‘leave course’ trigger works on the published copy on my desk top but not on the web version with any of the three browsers.

Not sure where I go from here.

Geoff Allan

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Geoff. I'm sorry you're running into those discrepancies! 

We'd love to help you get to the bottom of this. Would you be willing to share your Storyline file so we can try to replicate your experience in those browsers? If that works for you, click here to share the file privately with our Support team. We'll delete it after troubleshooting.

By the way, what Storyline 3 update are you using? You can find this detail by clicking on the Help tab, then About Storyline.

Geoffrey Allan

I’ve been investigating further, checking for the resource tab, the .mov file, and the exit trigger.

All three work on the iPad, and on IE, both on an HP laptop and on a virtual disk on my iMac.

On my AirBook, using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, the Resource tab and the .mov file work but the exit trigger does not.

On my desk iMac the exit trigger doesn’t work on any of the three browsers; the resource tab works only on Firefox, and the .mov file works on Firefox and Safari.

When I discovered the discrepancy between my AirBook and my iMac I reinstalled each browser, and checked the settings on each.

The link is

The password is p9e4 but can be circumvented by going straight to the menu!

I’ll send the Storyline file separately

Geoff Allan

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geoffrey, 

Thanks for sharing those details. It looks like you've published this course with Storyline 3 Update 5, and we're currently on Storyline 3, build 3.6.18134.0. Can you look at updating and republish the course?

I tested it in Chrome on my MacBook Pro where the Exit course trigger worked, but the Resource tab is showing behind slide content. I'd like to look further at the .story file to see why that's happening. You can upload it here by clicking this link, or send it along to our Support team directly here. Either way, we'll delete it from our computers when done. 

I wasn't sure what slide the .mov file was on, but if you're able to point me there I'll test that next! 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Geoffrey!

Thanks for sharing that file with us! Looks great!

I went ahead and tested "Resources", mov. file, and the exit course button in both Chrome and Safari. Everything looked great on my end so it looks like it's a simple fix of updating Storyline to the newest version.

Feel free to view this video where I opened your project and tested in Chrome and Safari!

Keep us updated!