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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Daphnee,

You came to the right place for help! Can you tell me more about what you mean by the results slide "going bad"? What happens exactly?

First I would double-check that the questions assigned to each results slide are correct. 

If the questions are assigned correctly, I'd want to take a closer look at your file to try and nail down what's happening here. You can attach it to a new reply!

Daphnee  St.Val

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for coming to my rescue! I have an initial game template in scene 2 Book Citation build. I then copied that same template to scene 3 Article Citation build and modified the slides (less questions than the initial).  When I fix scene 2, it works just fine but then Scene 3 won't work. Then I fix scene 3 and that prompts scene 2 to not work. By not working I mean that one of them always gives me the results of 0 out of 0 or it will display the variables on the results slide. I've attached my project here. Thank you again. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Daphnee!  Thanks for sharing your file.  On the two results slides in question, both of them are referencing the same variables, Results_2.ScorePoints and Results_2.PassPoints.  I also noticed that after completing either of the citation games, those variable references weren't displaying the variable values.  When I had a closer look, I realized the text reference on the slide didn't exactly match the variable names in the list.

What I would recommend is deleting those results slides and adding new ones.  It will be the most reliable way of making sure the correct variables are being generated for each set of questions, and that they're properly being referenced.  You can ungroup some of those slide elements and copy/paste them to a blank slide to help with reformatting the new results slide.

Every time you create a new results slide, it will generate the right variable to track the question slides you've identified.  I think somewhere in the formatting of these custom results slides, the variable process was broken.

I hope that guidance helps!

Daphnee  St.Val

Hi Crystal,

Thank you so much! I actually ended up deleting those slides and semi starting from scratch. Only copying certain components but made sure my result slide was brand new..and you're right it generated new variables! The only thing I can't get to work is the 100 emoji showing up on the menu screen after the user has played the game, got a passing score and clicks exit. 

The menu screen should display a 100 emoji...I'm pretty sure this has something to do with some of the triggers/variables associated with the Score layer and the change of state for the 100 emoji. 

I've attached the updated project. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Daphnee.  I looked at the Scene 3 game, and I made a small change to the trigger on the menu screen to change the 100 emoji to normal.  You were using a condition based on the Game_Author variable.  I changed the condition to reference the variable that the results slide used to determine the percentage your learner scores, Results10.ScorePercent.

Then, I noticed that you had a trigger to reset the results when the timeline starts on the menu screen.  Since you already had a trigger to reset the results on the Results slide if the user clicks to try the quiz again, we don't need it on the menu screen.  It will wipe out the emoji trigger since the percentage will be reset to 0.  So I deleted that reset results trigger from the menu screen.

A quick way I was able to see what was happening was by going to the variable list and seeing where variables were being used.  The Game_Author variable, for example, wasn't used in Scene 3's citation game, except in the trigger condition.  Since that variable wasn't being adjusted to True in that scene, the emoji was never going to show.

Try that out on both game sets and see if that works for you!